I’m Marie, good to meet you. I’m a certified foodie, an avid traveller and lover of the finer things in life. I love adventures, meeting new people and I have somewhat a good sense of style. I will share with you food recipes, travel stories, visits at art galleries and sometimes healthy tips for the body and mind that will change your life. I am generally serious about life but most of all I love laughing. I hope you find inspiration, humour and knowledge while scrolling through these pages.

But seriously, how did Cocktails & Adventures all come about?

Cocktails & Adventures

I have always wanted to write a blog but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. So I started a blog about food (of course!), but while I was developing the blog, I realized there was so much more I wanted to share. So I made a list and as I thought about it, the list became more precise. I then spent a day trying to figure out a name for the blog, and like a realization Cocktails & Adventures came to mind. Why? Because that is a little bit the story of my life. Cocktails because they are fun, sexy and taste good. And Adventures because having lived in 3 countries across 3 continents while constantly moving has taught me to be open to new possibilities in life. But most importantly has made me realize I only have one life, and how beautiful life can be if I only let it.




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