Having a Positive Outlook on Life

It is almost 2019 however, like any day in our lives, it is never too late or too soon to transform our lives. We all have bad days, months or year but one thing we must be careful of is to not let it spiral into a vicious circle. Or infect our outlook on life. Having a positive outlook on life prepares us to be ready to receive all the blessings to come. 

Below are some ways to transform your outlook on life:

Stop complaining

I am most guilty of this and I am learning to complain less. What I have learned is that complaining does not get things done but makes life even more challenging. I deal with complaints by stopping negative thoughts, wiping it from my mind and not letting it consume me. It is hard but possible. 

Doing things differently

When I am spinning my wheels, doing things differently, being patient and asking for help make things clearer.

Practice Positive Affirmations

Saying “yes” most often than “no”. Starting your sentences with yes makes things possible and always leads to a better outcome than starting them with a no. This is the hardest for me but possible.

More often than not, you have the power to change your life. Things will be what it will be, however your life will be what you want it to be. 






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