The Power of a Positive Mind

Did you ever wonder why some days are better than others? Or felt that you had no control over your environment? Let me tell you a little story.

I took the positive mind test and had an amazing day yesterday. From the moment I woke up to the end of the day, I told myself I was going to have a wonderful day no matter what. While I was taking a shower, during my cycling class at the gym, while eating breakfast or when interacting with people, like a song I repeated it in my mind: “Today is going to be a wonderful day”. By repeating this in my mind, I took conscious control of my mind and led it to not only focus on the positives but also ignore the negatives. I slowly noticed the power of a positive mind: as I focused on the positives, everything I said was positive and my mind automatically ignored the negatives. In my interactions for example, instead of criticizing I gave more compliments. As I shared positive energy with my environment, by reciprocity, all I received was positive. All my interactions were positive, and so was every moment, rain or snow.

Positive Thinking
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This is not to say that one cannot have a bad day, however, what I learned from this experience was that in a normal environment, we as human beings have control over our emotions, and to a certain degree control over the effect of our environment on us. This little experiment has led me to wonder what else I can achieve with my mind and what methods or techniques can be used to unveil the full potential of the mind.

To read more on the power of a positive mind or positive thinking, link to the following page: The Power of Positive Thinking

Have a wonderful day on purpose!




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