Heavenly Trip to South of France

Have you ever been to Nice? If not this is the time to go. I have been raving about this trip for multiple reasons. One, it was an unexpected trip; two, I had never been to the South of France and; three, I couldn’t believe nature could look any better. After being disappointed again by someone I loved, I decided to go on an adventure to find myself. Given my trip to Nice was very brief (7 days and 7 nights), I made sure every day was an adventure and a discovery. Thanks to a lovely friend, every day was a fun adventure to the beaches, festivals and fabulous hangouts in Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Esterel. These little cities form a wonderful paradise surrounded by bodies of water; all part of the French Riviera or Cote d’Azur.

Because a trip can’t be totally be fun without good food, I had lots of yummy homemade vegetarian dishes carefully made by my friend. I am no singer, but had lots of fun singing on the beach with a brilliant musician. Every moment was a hunt for new ideas, personal growth, wonderful cocktails and a fantastic vegetarian menu. For this trip, I gave up on plans and expectations, and focused on fun, happiness and meeting new people. Since as you know, one cannot live without a plan or expectations in the real world. While on the trip I listened to an audio book, Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy, and I’m hooked. I’m very surprised that I fell in love with it, given my non-interest in leadership books. This book is a good mix of psychology and positive thinking and I like it! It fit like a glove to the meaning of my trip. But this is a conversation for another time.

I don’t want to bore you with additional details of my trip, so I have included some photos instead. Until next time 🙂

If you need tips on a future trip you will be making to Nice, leave a comment below. Enjoy additional pictures on instagram!


Tiara Miramar Hotel & Spa

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Casino Monte-Carlo

Did you know Nice used to be part of Italy?

Place Maséna, Nice

Promenade des Anglais, Nice

Promenade des Anglais, Nice


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